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Collaborative MakeShop Sessions (Fall 2013)

Collaborative MakeShop Sessions

Theme: Tangible and Wearable Computing

Call for Participation

The GaMaY Lab ( located in the Lassonde Building is happy to announce a series of sessions to be held in our research lab and creative space.

We are inviting up to 10 undergraduate students to participate.

Goal: Our goal is to provide learning opportunities in the use of novel technologies. You will learn about versatile open-source electronics, rapid prototyping techniques and novel computational and programmable materials, such as fabric and paper.  You will learn about the work of a range of cutting edge designers and innovators.  The area of tangible, embedded and embodied computing is challenging and transforming the fields of computer science and digital media.  You, as a participant, can gain a unique and exciting opportunity to expand your skills by learning about these new technologies! 

Cost: FREE!  Upon joining the workshop, you will receive a starter kit, guidance, access to 3D printing, and entrance to the Mini Maker Faire.

Support generously provided by the Technology Enhanced Active Learning group in the Lassonde School of Engineering.


Session Topic

Sat Sept 14


Introduction, Brainstorming, Intro to Flora GPS Kit

Sat Sept 21

10am-2pm (approx)

Field trip to Mini Maker Faire Toronto (Wychwood Barns)

Sat Sept 28


Design Highlights and Inspiration, Prototyping

Sat Oct 5


Prototyping, 3D printing

Set Oct 12


Prototyping, 3D printing

Set Oct 19


Assembly, Evaluation, Demo


How to Participate:  Complete the registration form and information questionnaire that can be found here (please, only one registration per person).  The deadline is August 15th (strict).

In the event that interest exceeds the number of spaces available, spaces will be assigned on the basis of the information questionnaire answers.  Confirmation of enrollment will be provided by Sept 1st.

Updated on July 27th, 2013.